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Our Features

Whether you are looking to start your user acquisition process and need a helping hand to guide you through the process, or you've already been doing this for years, adformant's rich set of features will help make sure you hit the ground running.

Full API integration

We are integrated with over 20 leading programatic exchanges and have access to billions of impressions each day to deliver the perfect ads for your future users

Merged audience

We find the right users for your application across a variety of traffic sources, be it social networks, video platforms, cooking blogs or game apps.

Smart Budgeting

We allocate budgets using the state of the art predictive algorithms to ensure we extract every cent of value out of them. The users we deliver will be acquired at the perfect time.

Ads design templates

Use our beautiful ad design templates to develop stunning creatives that will ensure that your potential users understand and explorer your application. Our creative directors are happy to help you.

Efficient analytics 

Our big data platform processes billions of events each day and sifts through hundreds of data points for each potential user to find the perfect audiences for your app.

Full transparency

You get full transparent access to all our traffic sources so that you can optimize and remove any unwanted traffic. We react instantly to any request to whitelist or blacklist sub sources.

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